Hi there, my name is Jonathon Brouse. I was born in Philadelphia and currently reside in the South Jersey town of Collingswood.

I would describe myself as a passionate, tenacious, and methodical thought leader who conceives, architects and delivers solutions to business requests quickly and dependably. I am a motivating and enthusiastic mentor and coach, who instills DevOps and Agile principles across the organization to align business and technical goals. I lead by example, influence cultural development and promote commitment over compliance.

Professional History

Over the last ten years I have had the privelige to work at world class organizations with amazing and talented people. Below is a snippet of my professional experience.

  • Multiple agile, scrum, kanban, DevOps environments
  • Containerized microservice environment
  • ‘IoT’ white label solutions provider
  • E-commerce platform for a high end, brand-conscious fashion company
  • Media delivery solutions for companies such as Conde Nast
  • Interational trading firm with nodes in regional and international data centers
  • Cisco certified, managed service provider, network operations center

You can find more details by viewing my resume.